Wednesday, October 29, 2008

30th Year Reunion

LAST CALL FOR OUR RSVP'S for our 30th year reunion activities. Can't find your evite invitation or need more information? Post a comment and we'll make sure to respond. We have a great turn-out to date with over 75 classmates and guests attending at least one of our activities. We ask that you RSVP and send your payment no later than November 1st. We hope you'll plan on attending...afterall, the next one may not be for another 30 years!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ephemeral Slide

So, who remembers this slide? Just a week or so after I took this picture it got dismantled and unceremoniously carted off, proving that life and slides are ephemeral... seems like yesterday we were climbing up the chain-link ladder to get to the top, then grabbing the upper edge of the tunnel to slip into the descent... do playgrounds have slides like this anymore?
This slide is also here to symbolize how easy it is to slide a photo into this blog... hope some more of you will slide on in here. Speaking of which, Dirk, how is that slideshow coming along??? Hope you'll be able to send a CD of it to folks who may not be able to make it in November.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Still Stills !

And while sharing memories with you all, let me pass on a more recent one, which may jog a few more ancient ones... last night went in to see Stephen Stills play in the Olympia Theatre in Paris... he was GREAT ! Songlist included Helplessly Hoping, Tree-top Flier, A Girl From the North Country, 4 + 20, Blind Beggar, Find the Cost of Freedom, Suite Judy Blue Eyes, among others, and ended with a rousing Love the One You're With. I hope to have half his energy if I make it to his age ! Took this shot with a small compact camera, and converted to black & white as the original wasn't quite in focus... it was tough to hold still while getting jostled at stage-side. Are we children of our times, or what?

The Vent

Well, while dredging up memories, which is good to do from time to time, I suppose, once every 30 years or so at least, to keep the proverbial shipping channels of the left-brain from getting silted in ; who remembers hanging out on The Vent just below Clothier Tower on a cold winter night ??? It is still blowing warm air ! And who remembers that the Allman Brothers played in Clothier Hall around 1970 or so ? Would love to find a tape of that show !!! And some photos... jeez, I wonder if somewhere in the Swarthmore College newspaper archives they might have some info on that night ? Or on Springsteen playing in the Amphitheatre a few years later...
"Memories... misty water colored memories..."

Cool Pix

Thank you Cathy Foley, for being persistant with me to post here. For some reason I had trouble getting signed on...I may have had an old gmail account that hung things up...anyway....

Great old basketball team shot there Owen and or Chris! Who's the midget on the far left that got cut off some? The "manager"...what a crock. Thanks though, I don't think I could have taken the whole likeness this close to lunch-time. Can't think of too many strange or funny hapenstances from that year....other than Mr (coach) Hample's white shoes....the ones with the white polish running all down the soles and heels....seems like before every game he'd squeeze on more white shoe polish from one of those squeeze bottles with the foam applicator and let's just say quality was not a priority....quantity must have been, but quality....not even close. That was funny, well to me it was anyway. I guess I noticed due to my close proximity to them... being vertically challenged and all.
Remember we had a basketball marathon one year in the high school gym?
Thanks Phil for the nice words to all the organizing folks here....I echo them, but don't think I could have said it better....I have got some sportfishing fiends in Kona...u ever go out of Honokohau Marina ? Mahalo my friend! Having Aki or Aku for Thanksgiving I'd guess?

Hey Owen, do they have slugs in was France qui? May have to ask Monsieur Thibbault...(pronounced T-bo wasn't it)...U may know my next question then!?
Sure is a pretty island shot u posted! How's the fishing there?

Thanks again to all the organizers! I hope to be able to make it.
All the best,
allen s.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's the Score ?

While in Swarthmore recently, noticed the old scoreboard which served for High School football games is looking a little the worse for wear... looks like it needs to come down and get hung in a museum somewhere before it completely disintegrates. Saturday morning game days in the Fall were always a blast... who remembers scrambling around under the bleachers trying to catch the little plastic footballs that our cheerleaders were tossing into the stands after touchdowns ?