Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, as it seems to be taking a little while to get things warmed up and rolling on this blog, here's another post of a picture of SHS from your correspondent in Paris... remember going up and down these stairs several times a day ???

The photos below are my wife Anne and I coming back from a day trip to the Saints Islands, off the south coast of Guadeloupe, a remnant of the French Empire and a small corner of paradise, a Caribbean Hawaii, and our daughters Emilie & Lucie, now 15 and 11... no grandkids yet... well, some of are a little slower than others, Phil !

So, like Phil said below, don't be shy, it's pretty easy to post pictures and scribble a few words here, and I suspect more than a few of us are just a little curious to learn what you all are up to these days, after all this water under the proverbial bridge.
As for family news, my Dad has still not retired, at 79 he is Professor Emeritus of Anatomy at Temple University Med School, my Mom is still doing volunteer library work, now at the Quadrangle in Haverford, where they're living, having sold the house in Swarthmore after 40 years there. My brother Walter is in Houston TX (survived Ike), and Andrew is in Manchester, New Hampshire.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What ever happened to .....

Well I thought the idea of a blog was to get a dialogue going, so I’ll jump in with a big “Aloha” to all my former classmate and a big thank you to those of you who are volunteering your time to put together this reunion. I am flattered to be included and invited to join you all in November but it is doubtful that I will be in that part of the world over Thanksgiving. We will actually be hosting family here in Kona so if you happen to find yourself in Hawaii you are invited to “reunion” with us. Dinner will of course be after a day at the beach. Plus I try not to visit Swarthmore when the temperature is below 60.

My wife and I were in the neighborhood at the end of July to catch-up with family and to see “Bruce” live at Giant Stadium, which I have to say was in the top three concerts I have ever seen, only topped by U2 (with Pearl Jam) at Aloha stadium or Live Aid at JFK way back in the day. We were able to catch up and spend the weekend in Cape May with 3 of my sisters, Catherine (Brooklyn), her twin Maggie (Media), and my youngest sister Barb (Amherst MA) all of whom are doing well. Catherine did confess to divulging my email to one of the organizer of this event and her punishment will be that the Mets will again finish second to the Phillies in the NL east. Just a little family rivalry that keeps us texting across the globe.

My parents are still living in Swarthmore so I am usually in town once a year or so. But three of my 4 daughters are living in No. Cal. So our traveling often is to visit with them and to see the grandchildren, (12yrs, 2.5yrs, 18mo, 4mo.). I’m sure it’s the same for many of us. Hope you all have a great get together and I’m sorry to send my regrets, I’m sure it will be on my mind come that weekend and if you do find yourself visiting the Big Island please feel free to drop me email.

I’m looking forward to reading the blog so don’t be shy, write something or post your picture.

Monday, September 22, 2008


We still need your help in finding classmates! If you have their email, home address or phone number, please send it to us!

Kathy Anderson, Jim Archibald, Ed Beadle, Dave Bedell, Carolyn Behr, Andy Blackman, Howard Block, Michael Breslin, Paul Brooks, Iris Burton, Bill Clement, Karen Dagle, Beth Donovan, Bill Drill, Bill Eidson, Jeannette Erikson, Jim Ford, Rob Goldberg, Carol Helsel, Bill Hopson, Ann James, Diane Jones, Karen Jones, Bob Junkin, Edith Leary, Ken Maccrone, Barb Marroletti, Tom McCormick, Victoria Meyer, Bob Miller, Vicki Moat, Cheryl Oberg, Ben Price, Gregory Rapp, Timothy Rogers, Matt Smith, Barb Steward, Stuart Strong, John Sucher, Amy Taylor, Julia Taylor, Tom Tracey, Diane Villwock, Charlie Vining, Mary Wenzel and Andy Woods.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long Time

I know it's been a long time... but sometimes old weather-worn clichés are the most apt...


Am looking forward to catching up, feel free to write by e-mail, if you like, to :

Haven't done much blogging up to now, but who says an old dog can't learn some new tricks ...(another apt old cliché out of the hat... have a few more up the sleeve as well) If we've made it this far down the road... well let's let the good times roll, and roll just a litte further on down the road...

Was back in Swarthmore in April '08, but hadn't heard from Cathy yet, (who sent a message out of the wild blue yonder, that got this started, with me anyway, and already the connections long-lost are re-appearing...)(thanks Cathy for scouring the web as you did so thoroughly!) ( and thanks for your message, Chris, or can I call you Ansel, Hensel?... will write back shortly...)(and Amy & Lisa, hope all is well in NYC) and so didn't track anyone down at their doorstep; but there will be more trips at some point, my parents are still in the area, in Haverford now, closing in on 80 but still going strong ...

Anyway, this blog hopefully will be like something out of a magic lantern show... in April took the above photo of the shop building, a colorful addition has been added to that drab brick wall where we lounged around between classes...

While I'm thinking of it, the list of games from that 8th grade basketball team photo, and the scores of each, is on the back of the photo, so if anyone is interested, that could also be scanned and posted... talk about sports trivia !

And I suppose a few of you may remember classes in this building ?!? Where we learned useful skills like addition, subtraction, and telling time... before heading out to the field for Field Day... ( come in handy, those early skill-sets !)

Guess I've run on long enough, don't want to get flagged, or flogged, by the blog-masters for running on empty and boring anyone...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dylan who?

Cryptic as ever, eh my old friend?

Show yourself for Pete's Sake.

Basketball Picture

Here's a great picture of the 8th grade basketball team that was supplied by Owen Phillips! It managed to get some fun email exchanges going.

Welcome to the SHS 1978 blog!

As members of the reunion committee, we’ve had a great time reconnecting with our classmates, catching up, and sharing old stories and pictures. So…we’re hoping that our blog will give all of us the opportunity to jump in and chat. And, we’re also hoping that you’ll help us encourage our classmates who are “on the fence” to attend our reunion events!
All groups have rules and we should have a few… Be kind to each other! We ask that we be respectful of each other's religion, politics, orientation, heritage, etc. Also, we ask no spamming or flaming. Lastly, our member list should be considered confidential. BLOG ON!